Fine Art & Illustration by
Laura-Susan Thomas

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Custom size giclee reproduction prints are available for all of my works.
Please Contact Me for information, availability and pricing.

“Alien Phone Port 2”
Original Illustration

“Minzi Walkies Phone Port”
Original Illustration

“Little Monk”
Original Illustration

“The Leader”
Original Oil 18 x 24

When it comes to art and life in general, I try to see the joy, the color, play and embrace the kid in myself. In my painting and fine art. I LOVE experimenting with color. My philosophy is paint the world the way you want to see it! Turquoise shadows and all. I am not shy about bright colors and characters. Growing up as a nerdy girl, I am still in love with comic arts, whimsy and scifi, and it creeps into my kidlit art.

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“Polar Bear” Original Oil 28″ x 22″

“Who Me”
Original Oil 18″ x 18″



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Laura-Susan Thomas’ Studio


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